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Richfield Chiropractor | Dr. Jay Wilson

I Grew Up Around Chiropractic Care

Richfield Chiropractor Welcomes You!

Richfield Chiropractor Welcomes You!

I was born into a chiropractic family. My father entered the profession late in life after he had his stomach ulcers cleared up with chiropractic care after the medical doctors had given up on him. So all of my health care needs were met with chiropractic and holistic remedies as I grew up. I was brought up in what we would today call a “wellness model or lifestyle.” I never saw the inside of a medical office till I took out a life insurance policy and needed a physical exam.

I guess it was just natural that I should end up going into chiropractic as a career. It is a decision that I have never requited for one second. Chiropractic and holistic health have always been my passion.

In fact, my wife says that I would practice even if I won the lottery. I guess that’s true because I am already practicing for some time after most people retire and I think I have at least another 10-15 years to go (I am in my 47th year practicing).

Even though I need 20 hours of post-grad classes in chiropractic, x-ray, diagnosis, acupuncture, etc. to renew my license, my passion to help people drives me to keep learning and I always have two to four times the number of class hours needed. I love learning more to help people more.

I have a beautiful wife I have been married to since 1966 and two lovely daughters. My wife has always been my inspiration and biggest supporter. I am truly blessed to have her. Unfortunately, she has had some major health challenges in life….for both of us. She was bedridden for twenty years. Because of this I have taken many, many, many classes, workshops, and seminars in holistic healing in order to help her. As a result she is now able to travel extensively …. and as a side benefit my patients have also benefited with my additional training outside of traditional chiropractic.

I Used Allopathic Medicine & Surgery

While I have always attempted to follow the Seven Basics of Natural Health, I recognize that there is a time and place for allopathic medicine and surgery. Awhile back I came down with breast cancer myself …. one of the ‘elite’ 1% of males with this problem. When I discovered the problem, I immediately began a strict, rigorous holistic treatment approach. After several months of holistic remedies I decided to have surgery, have a mastectomy and have it removed. The day after the surgery the surgeon called me with the pathology report. She prefaced it with, “Dr. Wilson, we just never see this,” and then proceeded to tell me that the report said there was “significant tissue necrosis”…. meaning the tumor was dying and was largely dead already. So I knew that my holistic remedies were effective. Thus, I was a good example of collaborating holistic healing with allopathic medicine.

Enough about me. Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to meeting with you in person and learning how chiropractic can fit into your health care goals. Give our Richfield chiropractic office a call or click here to email us and we can arrange a time to explore your options!